Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Friday At Leeds Festival 2016.

Its taken me so long to write this post, because it makes me so sad that Leeds is over and I just want to relive that Friday 'cause it was probably the best day of this year. Almost 2 weeks ago now me and my friends piled into the car and drove to Leeds fest for the day, this years line up made it a little difficult to not do the whole weekend but personally I doubt I'll ever camp at Leeds again. The Pit Stages were what I wanted on Saturday/Sunday but when it came down to it more than anything I wanted Fall Out Boy (obviously) and Biffy Clyro. 
Leeds was hella muddy. Like seriously so much mud, my poor docs are still coated! However we were super lucky and the Friday was proper dry and super warm which is always the best. We started the day with some smaller bands and mostly milling around tents, this is what I love about festivals getting hear new music. I saw Waterparks who played with MIKEY FUCKING WAY! I have seen 1/4 of My Chemical Romance IRL and that makes me want to cry a little to be quite honest. We also watched a bit of Basement and Deaf Havana but that's not as exciting. I also got to eat the best Churros ever so that was a hella good start to the day. 
I think one of the reasons Leeds was so good was cause I got to spend it with these guys, good friends make everything better. Brandon is forever great for laughing at people who are just massive dicks and Shaun just made waiting for bands so much more entertaining by dancing with me which is why he's a babe. Seriously good people make all the difference to festivals. Five Finger Death Punch were also amazing, but they never disappoint live. They were made even better by the commentary I had from my friends too. I hope you're now ready to hear my fan girl over my favourites haha.
Of course the biggest highlight of Leeds was Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro. This was my 5th time seeing FOB so I wasnt as excited for them, however I was far too excited for Biffy, they've played 2 festivals I've been to in the past but I've never had chance to see them properly due to the people I was with / clashes so I was super excited about watching more than 2/3 songs. Fall Out Boy played a lot of their newest album which made me a bit sad since I was hoping for more old stuff, however they were as beautiful and as perfect as usual, they even made me cry again, I didn't think it was possible but hey ho. It was proper ugly crying too, during Hum Hallelujah! 
Biffy Clyro almost reduced me to tears as well, Machines is just such a beautiful and emotional song. They played quite a few songs off Puzzle which is my favourite album, including Living is a problem which is one of my favourite songs ever. I was so happy with their set list to be honest, it had the perfect mix of their albums and Simon's voice just sounded perfect in person. I was lucky enough to get to the barrier for their set and I swear I've never gone so mad at a barrier in my life. I left my camera at home so all I had was a phone on 20% battery so I was completely immersed in their set and it was amazing. 

really learnt some things at Leeds like I'm a disgusting fan girl who'll forever cry over Fall Out Boy. Haha, but no I learnt that leaving my camera at home and not taking a million good photos isn't the end of the world, a few on my phone will do because I enjoyed the shows so much more without my massive camera around my neck and trying to get good photos. I'm going to do it more often I think, although when I see Biffy in December I'm taking my camera 'cause I'd like a couple nice photos of their beautiful faces haha. 

So that was my day at Leeds fest, I'm shocked I didn't write a more fan girly post to be honest but there you have it a few words and poor quality photos from my day. I can't believe festival season is over for another year man. 
Did you do any Festivals this summer?

K. x

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