Sunday, 18 September 2016

Keeping Kitties Healthy..*

Having two cats to keep healthy is waaaaay harder than I expected. Weasley is so low maintenance and will eat whatever I give him, however Fleur with being a kitten needs feeding more often, needs plenty nutrients and for some reason flat out refuses to eat any dry food which makes me want to tear my hair out. Weasley also has this little issue where he's pretty much the size of a small dog so really I should be looking for more healthy or balanced foods for him. Thus leading to an internet search. I've seen a lot on grain free diets for humans but never even thought it would exist for pets but it does!
Grain free Cat food sounds perfect for Weasley and Fleur. Being grain free means it's perfect for Weasley since he needs to lose a little weight but it's still good for Fleur to each because it's still full to the brim with nutrients and protein, it probably even tastes better than usual cat biscuits too since the carbs in it are usually from sweet potatoes! Looking into grain free food could be super beneficial for your pet, it could help give them a more balanced and healthy diet, especially if they have funny tummys and don't react very well to your regular store bought pet foods. You don't have to break the bank treating your furbabies to grain free treats you can get them for the same price if not cheaper than your usual pet brands from Feedem.
I probably put more time and effort into feeding my cats the best food than I do myself, I'm curious to see how changing their diets to grain free dry foods will effect them. Weasley suffers from cat acne (yup this is actually a thing!) and I'm hoping a change to his diet will help clear it up some. 

Have you tried any diet specific products for your pet? 
K. x

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