Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Recently Read; Comics

Wednesday means new comic day! So here I am sharing some new ones that I've recently enjoyed, I get quite a few comics monthly but some of them aren't as good as the used to be / I've just lost some interest in the current arcs. A few today tho are still super new and you should still be able to get them in your local comic shop, if you want to give them a try. 

Lady Killer
I loved Lady Killer #1 I even wrote about it here, and I was pretty sad to find there was no series #2 then Dark Horse announced it a couple months back and I was ridiculously happy. I love the story, Josie is a housewife who kills people on the side to make her dolla, her family don't know and after the events of series 1 they've relocated in the hopes of leaving her past behind her, but obviously it's not going to be that easy is it? I love this series,  I love the concept of being a 1950s housewife with a secret double life, the art is fab too, I love everything about Josie and her lifestyle. All the little details like interiors and everything are just perfect. 

Image Plus isn't exactly a comic, more of a magazine full of comic previews but I love it. It gives little snippets of new comics coming to image and it's helped me find a few new reads, Snot Girl being one of them. It also has a short comic from TWD crew every month giving insight into my favourite babe Negans past! Definitely worth picking up if you're a fan of TWD and your local store are stocking it, if not Image have it available for digital download. 

The Walking Dead 
Oh my god, how good is The Walking Dead right now? Too fucking good is the answer. I hate having to wait a month for the next issue, The Whisperer War is super intense and I love the new paneling that is going on so we get more action it is definitely needed. I'm so on edge about my favourite characters dying too. I can't say too much about these 'cause I don't want to ruin it for those who aren't up to date but oh man I am seriously enjoying TWD right now, if you're a comic fan and haven't read them I must ask what are you doing with your free time?! Go buy the compendiums and get up to date NOW cause they are amazing!

Snot Girl
How could I not pick up a new comic series about a fashion blogger, I mean come on! Plus it is written by the brilliant Bryan Lee O'Malley who wrote Scott Pilgrim so you know this is gonna be just as good. Lottie's a fblogger with thee most perfect social media pretense but irl she is snotty and has super gross allergies. Her life is actually pretty complicated and she has an odd bunch of stereotypical blogger girls -this is one thing I love it's like they've perfectly captured the blogging world, I'm reading it like hey I know a blogger like that! Haha. It's a super easy enjoyable read and I love how it's set out and I can't wait for more issues!
Wanna know more about Snot Girl and her blog?

Doom Patrol
This is new but not new, basically a bit of a reboot but not at the same time idk it's hard to explain haha. I don't really have much to say about this one but I like the art and I LOVE that front cover. The words are pretty decent too, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes, I mean its a bunch of misfits banding together to make a team how can I not? Also it's written by the one and only Gerard Way and we all know I'll support anything he does because he is a god. Haha.
Doom Patrol &all you need to know. 

Are you a fan of comics? Do you have any recommendations for me?
K. x

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