Monday, 12 September 2016

With a friend as good as you, who needs enemies?

I am sooooo out of outfit post posing / photos it is ridiculous. I think I took about 70 and I only find these 3 somewhat acceptable (what is my life seriously.) I'm absolutely in love with this dress, I bought it on a complete whim in Primark and I've wanted to live in it since. It was my outfit of choice for Leeds fest and it was perfect, the Friday was ridiculously warm but wearing a dress kept me so cool. I don't know how it's taken me 6 years to realise dresses are the way forward when it comes to festival fashion. I teamed it with Docs and high bunches because I was too lazy to do Panda buns. The whole outfit felt slightly grungy and I loved it. I tried to go for a grungy/laid back photo style to match my outfit but I'm not sure it worked however I'm just happy to be back to blogging about outfits and fashion again, I can't wait to share more stuff with you guys. - You can read my post about Leeds fest here too, it's got some photos of some very pretty men!

What outfits do you prefer to wear to a festival?
K. x
Title is song lyrics from Biffy Clyro's Friends & Enemies

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