Thursday, 20 October 2016

Disney Dreaming.


It's a month till I fly to Disneyland Paris and I'm unbearable. I feel sorry for anyone who is around me cause it's all I can talk about because I've just been waiting forever to go back. I'm actually going to be unbearable once November comes around, I've been counting from 99 days. I've read a million forums and blog posts, I've done nothing but look for Disney Christmas jumpers and plan outfits that I don't even have yet. I'm ridiculous, so cause I've spent so much time looking at Disney clothes and stuff online I thought I'd put together a wishlist of things I wish I could have to take to Paris with me. 

First up, I'm dying to get my hands on a pair of the Toy Story x Vans collection and the Alien ones are the dream, I'm hoping so bad they get released over here before I go. I've decided I need at least one Disney themed Christmas jumper to take, mostly I have my heart set on a Star Wars one but if I can't get one in my size, a classic Disney one will be a good substitute. Of course Christmas pjs or thick pjs are on the top of my list, I love how cute these Minnie and Mickey ones are however, I've bought Winnie The Pooh ones now but still I want all the cute Christmas pjs! 

Of course it's not just Disney clothes, I need accessories too, for at least 5 years I've been in love with the Disney Couture Alice earrings, they're so pretty but I never buy earrings and now I'm determined to get some for Disney haha. Of course Disney pants and socks are a must, I love both of these from ASOS but in reality I'm going to get some from Primark cause I'm cheap haha. I might have already made a cheeky little purchase off this list but I couldn't help it, how cute is that toiletry set!? It's even got hand warmers which is perfect for winter in Paris as is the Honey lip balm, this is why I've bought both and cannot wait to use them!

I'm probably going to bombard the blog with excited posts about Disney before I go, along with planning posts and things I'm going to pack cause you know I'm so bloody excited!

What are your essentials for Disney trips?
K x

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