Sunday, 23 October 2016

Mermaid Hair, Don't Care.

GUYS I HAVE FULL BLOWN MERMAID HAIR! I mean pink hair was sort of magical and mermaid hairy but this is like full blown mermaid. It took a good 4 hours to do, my hair was stripped of the pink before I got a good chunk cut off. I'm always afraid of haircuts 'cause I feel bald after but oh my god I am so happy with how it looks now, definitely cutting it more regularly now! Then came the black brown which was brushed through a bit before adding the teal which was also brushed through to give it a sort of blend. I got it done by Sophie at Glamour and Glow in Roker, and I'm so so happy I went to her. 
I'm honestly just so in love. I've been dying to go Teal since I was like 13 but I've forever been too scared 'cause I thought I wouldn't suit it. Then I've been wanting to go back dark since like May but I've been putting it off and keeping it bright as it's been years since I was so dark. I'm so happy I've taken the plunge and done it though 'cause I feel super confident again and I am so so happy. Who knew hair could have that much of an effect on you ey? 

So yeah I made a massive change to my hair and to be honest I can't see me ever bleaching my whole head again and going bright because roots are annoying and the upkeep is waaaay too much effort for me. 

K. x

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