Monday, 10 October 2016

You've got his name on your arm, his words on your knuckles. // OOTD.

Do you ever just see an item of clothing and just lust after it for months? That's how I've been with 'leather' skirts recently, I've seen so many I need in my life but I rarely get a chance to dress nice so I've been putting off paying out £20+ for something I'll rarely where then I spotted this beauty in Primark for £8! Practically identical to the one I'd seen and wanted in NewLook. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it every chance I get 'cause its actually super comfy and it goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. 
I love purples/wines/burgundy for the A/W months, it just goes so well with all the black I own. The top is a just a basic topshop crop and the boots are the comfiest little things from Garage. I recently wore this to the Snow Dogs Trail event in Sunderland and I was worried I'd feel uncomfortable after a ton of food but I didn't and that means I love this outfit for life haha. It really gave me a confidence boost and sometimes that is what you need. I never know what to say about my outfit posts anymore tbh aside from this outfit makes me feel good and I really liked wearing it haha. 

What's your favourite things to wear in A/W?
K. x

Title is song lyrics from Moose Blood's Knuckles which is a pretty dece tune. 

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