Wednesday, 10 May 2017

#BridgesFW Preview.

I'm a little bit late posting this because I'm a rubbish blogger, I do apologise for this. However life sort of got in the way once again. Last Thursday though I was invited along to Sunderland Bridges for their Fashion Weekend Preview and it was fab. 

Sadly the fashion weekend ended on Sunday so it is no longer available to watch but from the preview I can tell you it was amazing. I normally feel as if catwalks and fashion shows after a while can feel a little bit samey. This however oh my god it was amazing! It was so energetic and fun, the models danced their way down the catwalk and they looked amazing! It was great to see how pieces look on the body from all angles and while dancing! One of my biggest worries is how will something look if I bend down or move a certain way after Thursdays show I have zero issue with this.

Funnily enough I found myself inspired to take some steps out of my comfort zone and try some new things after the show. Like those Red trousers in the first photo from Topshop! How lush are those?! I'd never wear Red trousers I'd look at them and be like nah, but after seeing how they fall and move I'm in love I need a pair! The fluffy shoes as well, I have no idea what I'd wear them with since I live in Black but they are beaut. I'd never want to take them off!

What I took away from the Fashion preview was be brave and try things on in store because it may look a bit shitty on the hanger but they sit so differently when you actually wear them. It's also made me want to start trying more bold options and I'm so excited to give my wardrobe a revamp this Summer. The show may be over but keep your eyes peeled for future events at the Bridges because they are not to be missed!

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