Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Countdown To Disneyland Paris!

In exactly 4 weeks I'll be skipping down Main Street towards Sleeping Beauty's castle filled with insane amounts of excitement and most likely a ton of sugar from breakfast. I can't believe it's 4 weeks today until I'm in Disneyland, I've been counting down since January and its finally the month we go. This years trip is 5 days so we have waaaay more time to do everything and see Paris properly compared to last time where we only had 1 full day. There's so much I'm excited to see and do since last time the park was getting a lot of refurbishment done, so I am majorly excited about soooo much. So since I have so much pent up excitement I decided I'm going blog weekly leading up to the trip with Disney related posts, so to kick it off here's a lil list of things I cannot wait for. 

Big Thunder Mountain and Star Tours
Last time we went both of these attractions were shut which was majorly disappointing, Thunder Mountain is one of my favourite rides in the park probably because of it being in Frontierland but it is also a great roller coaster. As for Star Tours I've only ever been on it once! So I am majorly excited to ride it since it has been done up and has new features. 

Character Breakfast at Plaza Gardens
On this trip I'm determined to try more foods and places to eat, lucky for us character breakfast was included with our booking so we get to do this Halloween morning! I can't wait to try Plaza Gardens from photos the breakfast looks unreal plus Characters milling around is always fun. 

Parades and Firework Shows
Last time we felt like our time in the parks was pretty limited so avoided waiting for parades and fireworks due to exhaustion but with having tons more time this year we can totally make the firework show and parades at least once which is fab. I loved watching the parades as a kid. 

Omg I am finally trying inventions, I've wanted to set foot inside the Disneyland Hotel for aaages. It looks so beautiful and I've heard so many people rave about inventions, I was really worried about getting a table but we have one reserved and I am ridiculously excited about this. Clearly a lot of this trip is food centered because I am determined to eat all the Disney treats possible. 

Halloween is my favourite season ever, like I love it. I'm super excited to see all the decorations I know this year most of them have been moved to Frontierland which is a bit disappointing from past years but it's still gonna be fab. Plus we have tickets to the Halloween Soiree which is going to be so so good. I am way too excited to get dressed up, I can't wait to share my costume with you all. Halloween food, oh my god all the themed foods are the best thing ever, I am so excited to eat so much food. 

Basically I'm just stupidly excited for my trip and I've pretty much decided what I'm wearing every day and I honestly cannot wait to take a million photos and go on every ride tons of times. I'm also super nervous about the trip though because I am not prepared at all and I'm not a good flyer I panic haha. 

Have you visited Disneyland Paris before? Do you have any tips for my trip?

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  1. I'm so jealous of your trip - hope you have the best time and that you post all about it!