Sunday, 29 April 2018

Postcards from Rotterdam.

During my trip to Rotterdam I was lucky enough to get a day off which gave me perfect opportunity to do some exploring. First of all I just want to say how incredible grateful I feel that I have been given the chance to work in another country regularly and that I can't wait to share everything I see and do on here. I'm determined to eat my way around the city because ya gal loves food markets and needs to find the best stroopwafels. Here however are some very poor Iphone quality photos from my first trip out a few weeks back. 

Like most cities there is just random art work everywhere but this one in Rijnhaven on the side of a supermarket over the road from the metro station is my favourite. You can't quite grasp the scale of it from photos but it is absolutely massive, I love the colours and the representation of the port. Also at this metro stop you can find the Fenix Food Factory which has the best stroopwafels I have eaten so far at Stroop Rotterdam (head over to my insta to see some photos of them!) It also has the Dutch Pinball Museum and the National Photography Museum both of which I'll be writing separate posts about, especially excited to share the Pinball museum as it is amazing. In addition to fab museums and unreal food there are views of the Euromast, Floating City and The Hotel New York all of which can be reached by walking over the love lock bridge which is mega cute. I can't even begin to describe just how big the port of Rotterdam is but I swear it never ends it's so beautiful to see though. 

I then took myself to Central Rotterdam in search of the Markthal which is three storeys of food stalls and trucks and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen I cannot wait to visit again and eat all the food ever.  On my way there I stumbled upon the World Trade Centre this may sound stupid but I had no idea anywhere but New York had one or am I just an idiot? I also saw a ridiculous amount of bicycles but it is Holland so what did I expect? The Cube houses are located on one side of the Markthal and these are one of the weirdest things I've seen building wise I couldn't stop staring at them, the shape of them shouldn't work because they look slightly top heavy yet they do and people live in them! I'm honestly just fascinated by them, they just loomed over the entire area drawing you in for a closer look. 

Aside from Rotterdam Central I tried to familiarise myself with the local area near the apartment which included several long walks and trying out the local take aways/cafes. There is just so much water though, forever wandering towards a lake or a pond or towards another part of the port, I'm telling you it never ends. There's also an oil refinery nearby which is actually kinda pretty to look at, especially on a night when you can see the flames coming out of the towers. 

So there we have it for now, a few more snapshots from my trip to Rotterdam, next time I'm going to remember my camera so I can share much better quality photos and I'm also going to make sure I eat even more food! 
Kloe. x

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