Monday, 16 April 2018

Snapshots From Rotterdam.

Hello! I did it, I am here I flew and navigated the metro system successfully alone. You honestly have no idea how proud I am of myself to flying alone, I have such a ridiculous fear of flying I didn't think I'd get through the plane journey without throwing up but I somehow managed, I think being at the airport 2 hours before the flight definitely helped. 

I thought I'd finally take some time to blog between being in the lab just to give a little update on how it's going I know my friends and some of my family wanted me to post updates so here we go. I've settled into driving I think, I mean it's slightly more stressful than home with the extra bike road and having to stop mid round about for cyclists and people, I mean the amount of stopping you just randomly do for bikes is mad. They literally just fly about too which is mega stressful haha, but I think I have the hang of it and that makes me happy as I was more nervous about driving alone over here than anything else. 

As for work it's a bit of an odd one the work is somewhat the same as at home but slightly different due to how equipment works and how many machines they have. I've had some slightly busy days but I did get Sunday off which was nice because I took the chance to go and explore Central Rotterdam and there is waaaay more to do than I expected I can't wait to share that with you all. I did however have to leave for work around half 4 this morning which means currently I'm half asleep but I'm waiting to hear back about more samples which is why I'm doing a little blog. 

I have to say though what I have experienced of Holland so far it is such a nice place, everyone I've met so far has been so friendly I have no idea what to do. Everyone in the apartment block says hello when they pass you and I don't know about you but as a Brit I'm just like 'eh oh hello' like I don't even talk to my neighbors never mind greet random people who live in the same building. Everything is super pretty too, there's flowers everywhere and its so clean! Like really clean I love it, like everything just looks super pretty man. My favourite thing though, is the views from the apartment it's so nice I don't think I'll ever be sick of looking out the windows. There's also a park out the back of the lab which has highland cows and the next big town over has a windmill I mean what is there not to like about this place? Aside from having a silly sleeping pattern but I can deal with that I'm sure I'll get used to it. 

Personally I'm really pleased I took this opportunity it's a big step for my career and it has given me a whole new confidence I can't believe how scared I was before yet here I am and I'm doing okay. 

Kloe. x

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