Monday, 11 June 2018

Postcards from May

So I've been a little absent the past few weeks and has been extremely unintentional, I planned to write this post in May but once I got back from Holland my laptop decided to update and then die on me which was far from ideal to be honest. It's been weird not having a laptop though, I had no idea what to do with my nights, I kept thinking about blogging but I couldn't and then I was just so exhausted and didn't feel my best so I ended up just laying around watching Netflix for like two weeks aha. I mean it wasn't all bad, I did manage to complete South Park Stick of Truth which was extremely enjoyable and I would 10/10 recommend it because lads it is just so much fun. Aside from that though I spent my time moping, being miserable and grumpy and sleeping when I wasn't in work because I am super fun like that haha.
However I am now back in Rotterdam and I have some exciting content planned for my blog, I got some time off yesterday and I took so many photos and visited so many places I really cannot wait to share them with you. These photos are from my trip back in May, I recently got a new camera so having a wander around the local area was the perfect chance to get used to the settings and to play about with editing. I didn't explore too far as I was completely exhausted and just wanted a break between being in the lab, so I stuck to the local area such as Spijkenisse and Vlaardingen, however both are beautiful areas. I can't get over just how much beauty there is in Holland, like everywhere is just so nice, the rivers and all the boats, the architecture and the sheer amount of greenery I just love it. It's perfectly picturesque. 
I am very exciting about sharing photos from this trip, I feel like taking this job opportunity has really given me a new perspective on things and just makes me feel much more inspired to write and take photos. For now though I'm just checking in to let you all know I'm fine I'm still here I just had some down time without a laptop but keep your eyes peeled for some city and travel guides!
What've you been up to recently? 

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