Monday, 13 August 2018

The Viking Picture Perfect Event

Bad blogger alert, last month I got invited to the Viking Picture Perfect Event at the Botanist in Newcastle, I've been meaning to blog about it since the event but I have just had literally no energy or real time to blog, life is hectic right now. 

For the event Viking joined up with pro photographer Elouisa Georgiou who had a lovely little masterclass for us. We were talked through the basics of photography, encouraging us to use the manual settings and playing with ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. I rarely use my DSLR these days purely because I majorly cannot be arsed to carry around several lenses and then a stupidly heavy camera too like I'm too lazy for that. For this reason I live for my bridge camera but rarely play around with the shutter speed and I'm still getting the hang of my newest one plus I prefer to edit a lot of the time out of sheer laziness haha. However I did learn a little more than I already knew about these things but mostly I learnt more about making photos more creative. 

We were split into groups and there were 4 different stations; using lighting, prisms for reflection and diffraction, flat lays, still life and food. In my honest opinion I thought for this the event was a little too large as we were given 15 minutes per section and we only managed two of the four stations, it would have been easier in a smaller group with more guidance and interaction per section especially with the prisms I have no idea why but I physically struggled but its fine because the rest of my group also couldn't really get the hang of it haha. I did learn the pros of using backing boards for lighting though, I don't know why I've never used them before but they're so good! They reflect the light so well and make the objects in your photos much brighter. 

Here are a few of Elouisa's tips for better photography; 
Lighting Tips;
  • Block out any ambient / artificial lighting in the room 
  • Use natural reflectors in the room, such as white or shiny surfaces, plain paper works well as a reflector like a foam board. 
Interesting portraits using reflection & diffraction;
  • Use prisms and glasses to get interesting reflections
  • Experiment using different items at different distances over your camera lens to create different flashes of light and blurs. 
Flaylay Tips;
  • Use your tripod if you have one
  • Play around, try having half the subjects in the frame, make gaps a lot smaller, use live view so you can constantly ply about with it.
Product, Food & Still Life Tips;
  • Use the 'magic angles' ie straight on, 45 degrees &birds eye
  • Use bounce boards to even out the lighting on the subject.
The challenge of creating the perfect photo was super fun especially since there was an added competition element to it. The botanist is a beautiful venue with so much readily available to photograph along with the staff being super helpful and providing props for photos. It was a super fun a event and I'm very happy I went along and learnt a few new things along with meeting some new people and finding new blogs to read. Thank you Viking, Elouisa and The Botanist for a great night  and for giving me a chance to learn new ways to experiment with my photography. I look forward to trying out some of these tips in future especially ones for flatlay and food.

Have you attended any photography events? What photography tips are your favourite? 

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