Who is K?

Hey there! So you want to know more about the blogger then? 

I'm Kloe, I'm currently living in the North East of England but hopefully that'll change. I started this blog not long after starting uni, mainly writing for myself and my family who read it to just document the things I've been doing and the things that bring me happiness, it's really just an online diary. Now however my degree is over and I'm setting food into the wide world of being adult and I'm fairly sure this blog is going to be filled with some ridiculous things whilst I find my way in the big world, ridiculous as in some hilarious situations or life lessons.

Why Skulls & Kisses? Well it took me an age to think of a name I felt really described me. I love skulls I love all things like that. I don't just mean skulls as in skulls and cross bones either I mean human and animal skulls both fascinate me the skull holds so much information about a person (here's the scientist in me taking over haha). As for Kisses I love lipstick, I own so many, I'm forever leaving kiss marks on my friends faces and on cups etc.

I don't have the most glamourous lifestyle or a well paying job and most of my outfits will originate from Primark. However my life itself always has something going on, I'm never too quiet for long and there's always some for of drama or excitement going on so feel free to stay and take a peak into my little life. I hope you enjoy it.

Kloe x


  1. forensic biology?! that's pretty cool! you don't hear that every day. i know you don't want to talk about it, but what do you want to do when you graduate?

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  3. OH, MY, WORD! can i have your eyes please? ^^

  4. Hey Kloe, cool blog. I just sent you over an email regarding an interested post that relates to piercings.