101 in 1001 days.

So I decided to get rid of my bucket list and start a 101 in 1001 days, I've seen them on several blogs and thought it was a much better way of having a bucket list since it gives me around 2.7 years to complete these tasks, some of them probably won't be completed but I can dream right? Plus it'll motivate me to actually get off my bum and do some! So between now and the 6th January 2018 I'm going to try and complete these goals! Wish me luck!
Started; 10/4/15
Due to be complete; 6/1/18
In progress

1. Survive writing my dissertation
2. Pass uni with at least a 2:1
3. Do a Masters Degree
4. Write a research paper/article
5. Get a research paper/article published
6. Get a full time job
7 .Get a science based job

8. Do a day in my life post each month
9. Reach 500 followers
10. Blog at least twice a week
11. Post a vlog
12. Write a guest post for someone
13. Have someone write a guest post for me
14. Do a photo an hour post each month  1/34
15. Attend every blog event I get invited to
16. Get a custom blog design
17. Meet more bloggers

18. Get my teeth whitened
19. Have 10 tattoos 10/10
20. Get my shoulder tattoo covered up
21. Get my left thigh tattooed
22. Get my nipple pierced
23. Pass my driving test
24. Get my own house/flat
25. Get my own pet cat
26. Be a size 8
27. Be happy with my body
28. Start a memory jar
29. Learn to handle my tequila
30. Put £2 away every week during 1001 days
31. Stop worrying about everything
32. Continue going to the gym once uni is over
33. Tone my thighs up
34. Take up yoga
35. Try a new food every month /32

36. Visit Edinburgh at Christmas
37. Visit Highgate Cemetery
38. Go to Disneyland Paris
39. Visit Berlin
40. Visit Florida
41. Visit the Waner Bros Studio Tour again
42. Go to London Comic Con
43. Visit Ireland 
44. Go on a Game Of Thrones Tour
45. Visit Paris
46. Go to a Cat Cafe
47. Go to Manchester Comic Con
48. Visit Bath
49. Go to Longleat
50. Visit Amsterdam
51. Go to Legoland
52. Go to a festival abroad
53. Go on a camping trip to Cornwall
54. Visit Italy
55. Visit Barcelona
56. Visit Iceland
57. Go to Cadbury World
58. Go to Thorpe Park
59. Go to Chester Zoo
60. Go inter-railing
61. Visit the Isle of Syke
62. Go iceskating in London at Christmas
63. Go away for New Year

64. Buy a record player
65. Buy all the leather bound classics on my list
66. Own a Chanel bag
67. Do a Sephora haul 
68. Learn to bake/make something new each month
69. See Blink 182 Live
70. Learn to Sew 
71. Buy a cacti terrarium 
72. Collect the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics  87/87
73. See a Shakespeare play
74. See at least 3 musicals on stage
75. Go to a book signing 
76. Buy a DSLR 
77. See a Psychic 
78. Hold/Feed a turtle
79. See a comedian live
80. Be a zookeeper for the day with a giraffe 
81. Feed a giraffe 
82. Move away from the North East
83. Meet Corey Taylor again
84. Touch Fall Out Boy (not in a weird way)
85. Go to at least one gig a year
86. Learn to make a skirt
87. Buy a car
88. Buy some super expensive alcohol 
89. Get a new Play station 
90. Have a sleep over with my little sisters
91. Own at least 10 taxidermy butterflies / moths 
92. Own a big ass set of antlers
93. Own a proper waffle iron 
94. Get a fancy coffee machine 
95. Go to a spa 
96. Receive a proper nice bunch of flowers
97. Learn how to make cocktails 
98. Volunteer at a festival 
99. Get a bicycle 
100. Start to cycle places
101. Stay in touch with my friends after uni is over. 


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  1. Great List. I love it how everyone's list is so different. good luck with it. I am a year ahead of you finishing Jan 2017