Outfit Of The Days
& Dear I Fear That This Ship Is Sinking
A Dinner Date With Giraffes
Am I More Than You Bargained For Yet?
Amphetamines for Boys & Crucifixes for Ladies
Baby You Were My Picket Fence
Be Obscene Baby & Not Heard
Done My Hair Up Real Big Beauty Queen Style
Don't Break My Heart &I Won't Break Your Heart Shaped Glasses
Give Me A Sign I Want to Believe
Heavy Metal Broke MY Heart
Honey You Are The Rock Upon Which I Stand
I Should Be Over All The Butterflies
I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good
I Sunk Your Battleship
I'll be your best kept secret & your biggest mistake
I'll Reach In and Take A Bite Out Of That Shit You Call A Heart
I'll Spin For You Like Your Favourite Records Used To
I'm Drunk Off Your Kiss
I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb
Love Would Be Something That I Just Know
May The Fourth Be With You
Oh I Looked For Your Name On The Ouija Board
Party Till You Pass Out Drink Till You're Dead
Reach Out And Touch Faith
Remember The Times We Wrote Our Names Up On The Wall
Say You'll Haunt Me
Shes A Dwelling Place For Demons
She Wants To Dance Like Uma Thurman
Sucker Love Is Heaven Sent
The Bruises on Your Thighs Like My Fingerprints 
These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For
They Came Like Moths To A Flame
They Fight, They Bite, Drop Dead x Itchy & Scratchy
When It's Just The Two Of Us &A Cute Little Cup Of Cyanide
Who Is This Irresistible Creature Who Has An Insatiable Love For The Dead?
Would You Guess That I Didn't Know What To Wear?
You Know I Only Wanted Fun Then You Got Me All Fucked Up On Love
You Want To Sink So I'm Gonna Let You

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